Peel & Pore Tightening Set

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* Check out the expiry date noticed below:
Calendula Peel Off Pack- 19th Oct 2023
Calendula Peeling Gel - 17th Nov 2023

2-step Peel & Pore tightening Every Day Routine

Step 1. Calendula Resurfacing Serum

With a clean and smooth base, serum gets absorbed more effectively. 10% PHA + AHA controls skin's excess sebum to avoid pore enlargement and skin congestion.


Step 2. Choose between the Calendula Peel Off Pack or the Calendula Peeling Gel!

For All Skin, Calendula Peel Off Pack gives you a 30-minute deep clean to gently exfoliate and reveal a smooth canvas! It's a soothing and refining peel--off type of mask.

For Dry/Sensitive Skin, Calendula Peeling Gel - known for its 30-second peel - gently exfoliates by rolling off dead skin to reveal moisturized and softened skin!

"Without removing dead skin and residue, skincare nutrients can't be absorbed!"
We've got your back to a great exfoliation routine!

Weight : Calendula Serum 30ml | 1.01 fl. oz.
Calendula Peel Off Pack 100g
Calendula Peeling Gel 120ml

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