Mood Blurring Lip Tint

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05 Plum Wine: 26th Dec 2023

 Step 1. Prime your lips

 Moisturizing Primer comes with a silicon brush tip to provide moisture and calm flaky skin.

Step 2. Choose your color

Warm Tones
02 Peach Breeze - the perfect peachy nude for everyday
03 Chili Warming - deep chili shade

Cool Tones
04 Rose Muhly - subtle muted rose
05 Plum Wine - alluring plum red color

Weight: 4g | 0.14 fl. oz.

Key Effects

1.Hydrating Texture, Soft Blur Finish

This lip tint has a 45% moisture base to keep lips hydrated upon application and leave it silky once dried. The hydrating Blur Primer is formulated with a watery gel matrix structure to ensure quick-absorbing hydration to prep lips for the colored tints. As the formula melts into the lips, it turns into a lip stain that lasts all day.

2.Shades that Look Good Even When Mixed Together

Mix and match between the cool and warm tones to find your everyday shade. Color lasts all-day once dried.

Mood Blurring Lip Tint
3.Lip-smoothing Effect

Slanted edge tip spreads the formula evenly and smoothly onto your lips.

Mood Blurring Lip Tint


soft Matte



How to Use

  • Apply the Lip Primer from the center of the lips, outwards to smoothen and hydrate.
  • Once the primer has dried, apply your choice of Lip Tint over top.
Tip: To layer different colors of lip tint, make sure to apply primer and dry before applying your choice of colored lip tints.

"So worth it!!"

It applies so smooth even on my dry lips and it's not sticky at all! Love this lip tint and the shade choices too. The primer really helps make the application even smoother!

Jess. M.