(Gift) Time Lock Jade Facial Roller

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Your Everyday Facial Massage Tool

Enhance your skincare, de-puff, and ease muscle tension with Aprilskin's Time Lock Jade Facial Roller. 100% Jade Roller supports lymphatic drainage to reduce the appearance of fine lines while boosting circulation to reveal a radiant glow.

Dual roller targets all areas of your face from the eyes, forehead, cheeks, jawline and neck!

Perfect tool to use with serums and moisturizers to evenly absorb the ingredients deeply into skin.

Incorporate into your day and night skincare routine to unlock the time-tested secrets of Jade, and lock-in that glow with Aprilskin's Time Lock Jade Facial Roller!

Click on FAQ below to see how to use this Jade Roller!

Material: 100% Jade | Handle: Acrylic.

Size: 14.3*5.8*4.0cm | 1.91 oz.

Key Effects

1. Day and Night Massage Care

Depuffer in the morning, and skin soother in the evening.

2. 2-in-1 Natural Jade Roller

Wide roller is perfect for general massaging of the face such as the cheeks and the forehead. Narrow roller is perfect for targeting specific and smaller areas such as the sides of the mouth and the eye area.

3. Amps Up Your Skincare Routine

The Jade Roller helps active ingredients from serums and creams to be evenly absorbed into the skin.
With cooling properties and soothing effects, this roller can give your skin that day to night care it needs.


Boosts Circulation


Relieves Muscles

How to use

1. After cleansing, apply desired serum onto face and neck.
2. Gently glide the Time Lock Jade Facial Roller over each area 4-6 times.
3. After use, wipe the roller with a damp cloth, pat dry and store in box.

Use day and night in your skincare routine!
*Do not use on dry skin. Make sure to use with serum, facial oil or moisturizer!

For drier skin, apply as many layers as needed to enhance moisture.

"Helps me feel relaxed and tightens my skin!"

Not only is this jade roller so calming to my skin, I always feel so refreshed after using it! I used to wake up with puffy skin almost every morning, but this helps tighten my skin and improve the texture. Now I can't live without it!

Chelsea O.