(NEW SHADE) Double Up Liner

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Smudge-proof, Transfer-proof Rich & Creamy Double Up Liner

Double Up your eye look with the NEW Aprilskin Double Up Liner! Made to withstand smudging, budging, and fading - it stays looking neat and fresh all day. Choose from 5 vibrant shades to achieve a crisp line, a soft shaded line, or a highlight.
#01 Standard Brown
#02 Dark Brown
#03 Milky Latte
#04 Rosy Filter Celeb
#05 Under the Shimmer
#06 Cream Intro (new)
#07 Shade Ending (new)
2mm slim liner is retractable - no sharpening needed. No experience required.

Size: 0.14g | 0.0004 fl. oz.

Key Effects

1. Double Up Liner for Every Look

Accentuates and widens eyes with the optimum 2mm retractable liner tip. Play it up with different colors and textures to suit your every mood - from a soft shaded line to a glittery highlight.

2. Smudge-proof, Transfer-proof, Non-fading Liner

Wear it proud all day without worries. No smudging, no smearing! Liner stays neat and looks freshly-applied all day! Withstands humidity and sweat.

3. Glides On

Creamy formula doesn't tug on your delicate eye area. Contains 30% powder ingredients to dry matte and stay in place. No fall-outs!"




Precise 2mm Liner Tip

How to use

Step 1. Accentuate the eyes with a tailored line.

Step 2. Smudge liner to achieve a creamy shadow.

Step 3. Highlight the inner corners of the eyes to complete the look.

Make sure to close the cap of the liner after use so as not to dry out the product.
The liner can be used as shadow by smudging right after application.
Reapply the liner to darken or accentuate the outer corner of eyes.

"So pigmented! A must-have for my makeup kit."

I got all 5 and I use it according to my mood. So easy to apply and stays in place even on my oily eyelids. My fave is the Milky Latte shade!

Sonya Y.