Aprilskin Blur Skin Powder

RM52.00 RM78.00

Blurring Texture + Natural Tone Up + Long-lasting Makeup + Oil-cut Effect

Free cotton puff is a perfect match for a powder that is fuzzy on the outside and moisturizing on the inside.

Wrinkle-shaped powder thoroughly fills in the curves and texture of the skin to achieve non-oily, smooth skin texture.

The milky-toned powder not only gives a soft, dry finish but also naturally brightens the skin tone.

The formula does not clump but builds in layers to create a soft but strong blur barrier to create soft, dry, and fuzzy skin like the outside of a peach. Soft Peach Puff has random cutting that holds powder to gently touch the skin and provides perfect adherence.


50% Water Essence

With cold peach extract created with a cold-lasting method which traps water within the powder, experience moisturizing effects when the particles burst upon application.

Cica Triple Care

Cica triple care for hypoallergenic triple skincare with centella asiatica, centella asiatica leaf and centella asiatica root extract, which are known as soothing ingredients.

Aquaxyl Extract

A patented moisturizing ingredient maintains hydrated, smooth skin texture


1. Blur effect without clumping

2. Smooth on the outside, moisturizing on the inside

3. Natural tone up

4. Safe ingredients (excludes 10 allergy-triggering ingredients)

How to use


01. Cover skin with using cushion or foundation-type base makeup products.

02. Smooth skin texture with Blur Powder.


01. After using the cushion/foundation, reduce oil by applying from the inside out, in the direction of skin texture.

02. Apply an appropriate amount of powder on the puff and do not drag but pat into the face.

03. Use it multiple times throughout the day wherever it gets oily.

04. Since the formula contains moisture, always close the cover after use, so that it does not dry.


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